SF Community Christian is a JUCO level athletic program in  partnership with Community Christian College of Redlands, CA.  JUCO is one of the bridges between High School and College. Many players in High School have tremendous talent and potential talent that often does not get highlighted as it should. The mission of SFCC is to provide overlooked, under-recruited and/or under-educated student-athletes an opportunity to obtain a post-secondary education while continuing to chase their athletic dreams. SFCC fields teams in football, mens basketball and womens basketball that will play as an independent in 2021 to be followed by teams added in mens soccer, womens soccer, baseball and softball in 2022 to fulfill our program goal for NJCAA membership. We aim to provide student-athletes with elite training coupled with a rigorous schedule designed to prepare for the next level of collegiate competition. Once on campus, each student-athlete will have a meeting at least once a month to review their academic and athletic profile We film all of our practices and games while also shooting video interviews that will allows us to build a professional player profile and brand that we use to market student-athletes in order to get you college scholarships to D1, D2, D3 or NAIA programs. Our schedule includes Prep Schools, D3 JV programs and other high level JUCO programs that will enable student-athletes to play against future pro players and D1 prospects; therefore, having their game tested against the best.  We provide housing, professional tutors, personal trainers, photographers, videographers. The SFCC program is a 6 to 18-month program designed to give student-athletes the best opportunity to play against elite competition and to get them mentally, physically and academically prepared for their future goals. Their success is our success.

T H E   O F F I C I A L   S I T E   O F   S F   C O M M U N I T Y   C H R I S T I A N   B O B C A T S   A T H L E T I C S
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